New policies to be enforced after man escapes Barren County Detention Center, still on the run

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GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO) -- According to Barren County Jailer Aaron Bennett, a man waiting to be booked into the Barren County Detention Center escaped from the jail's holding area Wednesday afternoon.

Jailer Bennett said the escapee, Shannon Wyatt, had just been transferred to Barren County from the Allen County Detention Center. He said Wyatt was arrested on two warrants out of Monroe County, and Barren County houses Monroe County inmates.

Allen County Jailer Larry Piper dropped Wyatt off at the Barren County Detention Center on Wednesday afternoon.

"He (Wyatt) was in our intake holding area and that's where the officers do their paperwork," explained Jailer Bennett.

Jailer Bennett said Wyatt waited until one of the two officers in the holding room walked outside, before sneaking out the door himself, even telling another officer on his way out that he was being released.

"When the first officer left, he didn't close the door securely behind him and what happened was, Mr. Wyatt saw that and I guess from his experience in jail, he didn't hear it slam so he knew it wasn't secured. So, he kind of sat there for a few minutes and then he got up and said to that officer, 'Well, I'm finally being released' and walked out the door," said Jailer Bennett.

After Wyatt walked away from the jail, no one noticed he hadn't been properly booked until Jailer Bennett arrived at the jail later that night, and saw paperwork about the transport from Allen County.

Jailer Bennett said Wyatt had been gone about five hours before anyone realized he was missing.

"I contacted Jailer Piper and he contacted me and let me know he was already transported to Barren County and he gave me the time that he dropped him off and I went back and looked at he camera system," said Jailer Bennett.

Sure enough, Wyatt is seen on video, walking away from the facility.

Local law enforcement continue searching for Wyatt. Jailer Bennett says he does not believe there is a threat to the public.

"His typical charges are drug related and theft related," said Jailer Bennett.

Wyatt has an extensive history behind bars in both Allen County and Barren County. His mugshots on the jails' websites date as far back as 1999 and continue through April 10, 2019.

Jailer Bennett said Wednesday night and Thursday morning he addressed the staff about policy changes.

"We're going to go back to doing it kind of how the old jail was. Whenever somebody came in, they would have to actually open up the door with a key to let them in, and at that time, jail staff is there with the incoming inmate," he said.

He's also planning to invest $26,000 into an upgraded camera system, and that money will come from commissary, not from taxpayers.

"Yesterday (the day of the escape) was the 100th day as me as jailer. I'm going to focus on being professional still and we're still training and educating deputies and staff -- the training and education that they haven't received before -- and how to do our job and the fundamentals efficiently," he said.

Jailer Bennett said Wyatt will face an escape charge once he is caught.

If you know where Wyatt might be, please call your local law enforcement or Kentucky State Police.

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