Security upgrades gives local school system edge

Published: Feb. 29, 2016 at 5:43 PM CST
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A local school system is upgrading security in an interesting way.

The Simpson County school system is beefing up it's security with night vision cameras.

"All three elementary schools and also our athletic fields and those kinds of spots that didn't have this kind of coverage before," Simpson County Schools Superintendent, Jim Flynn said.

Like many others, the Simpson County schools have been continuously upgrading security over the years, even for faculty.

"Our staff has to have a key card to get in, instead of a regular key," Franklin Elementary School Principal, Rachel Fairman said.

The camera installation process started today at Franklin Elementary. The installation will take five weeks, one for each school.

"Putting the security cameras in is just a progression in the increase security for all students and staff at each school," Fairman added.

There are 68 cameras being added throughout the schools in the county. Superintendent Jim Flynn says these upgrades are in light of a bomb threat at the county middle school and the murder of Gabbi Doolin in Allen County last November.

"Our main impetus of doing this is to be preventative and proactive," Flynn said.

The cameras will be in all public areas of the schools, inside and out.

"Not any areas that would violate anyone's privacy," Flynn added.

Flynn says warning signs will be put up.

"That says these premises are under video surveillance for the safety and security of the students, staff and visitors," Flynn said.

"Plant that seed, don't do anything crazy here," Flynn said.

He continued to say, in order for the staff and students to perform to their full potential, they need to be and feel safe.

The entire project will cost $61,000 and has been set aside in the county school's building fund.