New traffic lights coming to Dishman Lane

Published: Jan. 23, 2020 at 4:00 PM CST
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For the past year, the City of Bowling Green Public Works has been observing traffic at the Dishman Lane and Industrial Lane intersection.

After noticing heavy traffic backups the city decided that it warranted a traffic signal so they started designs in 2019.

"It became increasingly difficult for the Industrial Lane traffic to pull out onto Dishman Lane with just the two way stop that was there," said Melissa Cansler, City Engineer. "The volumes and what we call traffic signal warrant were met and so we started looking at a design."

The lights are up but have not been turned on yet. City officials told 13 News they plan to turn them on next week.

"There will be a change in traffic patterns so we ask that everybody pay attention," added Cansler. "They will have a stop condition on Dishman now that they don't have today. But for everybody that uses that intersection, it will be safer and much more efficient."

The city will make an announcement when the lights will be turned on.