New workforce group replaces BRADD

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GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO) -- A change in the workforce for South Central Kentucky brings an end to the Barren River Area Development District, according to Barren County Judge Executive Micheal Hale.

"The regional workforce board for the ten county judges has hired ResCare, which is a workforce service, to help with workforce services in our counties."

The new workforce introductory meeting for the Kentucky Career Center brought together government, education, and industry representatives from Hart, Barren, Monroe and Metcalfe Counties. Those in the meeting discussed new strategies, solutions and what they can expect from ResCare.

"I wanted to bring these counties together today to let ResCare know that we support you and we need you. Cause, we have jobs in these counties that we can't fill. We have workers that are dislocated, we have workers who have special needs and disabilities. We have to touch our youth. We have to get them ready for the workforce cause they are our future workforce," Judge Hale stated.

A first step for ResCare, leaving ResCare Workforce Regional Director Victor Ponder ready to tackle the concerns from the counties.

"We're pumped. Still a lot of work to do though."

"You're looking at 500 jobs that have to be filled. We can provide training. we can work with the employers to improve their training sets, work with their employees so they can get promoted, and also we can work with inbound folks," Victor Ponder stated.

ResCare Regional Director Victor Ponder says the workforce is more than ready to connect with county leaders to fight local issues within job placement.

"Short-term goals is to work with the ones who were in this room so we can take our little low-hanging gains and hiring one's and two's and getting them in place and building a consolidated plan to get this hammered out."

A workforce transition that Judge Hale says will be handled in a careful matter to fill those vacant jobs.

"The ten-county judges are responsible for the federal state workforce dollars. And, you know, we're going to spend that wisely. That's taxpayer's money and moving forward we expect to fill some jobs."

Change is good. It's time to move on," Judge Hale added.

According to Judge Hale, ResCare will work out of the Glasgow-based career center covering Hart, Barren, Metcalfe and Monroe counties. The other six counties will be covered by the Bowling Green-based career center.

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