Newly restored Piper Cub to be unveiled at annual Hangar Party on Saturday

Published: Jun. 12, 2019 at 3:57 PM CDT
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Aviation Heritage Park (AHP) is hosting its 13th annual Hangar Party on Saturday, June 15 at the Bowling Green/Warren County Regional Airport.

Leading up to Saturday night's big event, the park has several activities going on this week including a two-day summer camp for kids through a partnership with the Warren County Public Library.

"That's what we really want is to make sure that our children understand the importance of aviation and that they too can be a pilot," said Joe Tinius, Board President for Aviation Heritage Park.

There is also an exhibit set up in the Sears parking lot at the Greenwood Mall that shows some of this history behind the Tuskegee Airmen. That exhibit will also be on display Saturday night at the Hangar Party.

"We have a rich history and I think for years that was not only untold but somewhat unknown," said Tinius.

Each year, AHP honors an aviator with local ties and restores an aircraft that is revealed at the Hangar Party. This year is no different.

"This year that will be a Piper Cub. We are honoring the late Willa Brown who was born or spent her early years in Glasgow, Kentucky and went on to be the first African American female to secure a commercial pilot's license here in the United States around 1941," said Tinius.

Tinius said Brown also went on to train several of the men who later became the Tuskegee Airmen.

The Hangar Party serves as a huge fundraiser for AHP, as the park is free to the public to tour year-round. Right now, AHP has a goal to be able to tell even more stories and add to the stories of the aircraft they already have on display by building an indoor museum to store so much of this history that can't be left outside.

"We hope to take the next step, phase two of the construction project sometime this fall and then enter into the full construction in the calendar year 2020," said Tinius.

Because of its material, Tinius said the newly restored Piper Cub honoring Willa Brown will remain indoors and eventually hang from the ceiling of the museum once it is complete.

The Hangar Party starts at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday. There will be music, food, and of course, the unveiling of the Piper Cub.


for information about the event and AHP.

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