No definitive answers as to what or who killed three ponies, dog on Sunday

Published: Sep. 4, 2018 at 6:06 PM CDT
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Questions still linger after three ponies and one dog were killed in Monroe County in the early morning hours on Sunday. The Department of Fish and Wildlife assisted the Monroe County Sheriff's Office with the investigation.

Now, both agencies have varying views on what or who was responsible for the attack.

On Sunday, the Denton's, Sheriff Ford and even the biologist on scene, noticed peculiar animal footprints, but not enough to make a conclusive determination as to what kind of animal it was.

The following day, Fish and Wildlife told 13 News that "the animals' wounds are inconsistent with a large predator attack." They said they did not have conclusive answers as to what caused the attack at this time.

"We're devastated that's all we can say," said Janet Denton, owner of the ponies and dog that died Sunday.

It's been two days since the Denton's lost their four animals.

"We have had the animals buried at this point for the simple fact that they were deteriorating and we had to bury them," said Denton.

Still, the question remains -- who or what is responsible for their deaths.

"We've got cameras out hoping to catch some pictures and we made the community aware of what's going on for their safety," said Sheriff Dale Ford with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.

The answer to that question stirring up a lot of controversy in this small town -- as Kentucky fish and wildlife sent me this statement saying “A wild animal played no role in the deaths of three horses killed in Monroe County"

"How they come to that conclusion? asked Denton.

The owner of the animals, as well as the sheriff, don't seem to agree with fish and wildlife.

"Fish and wildlife sent three people down here. They took pictures like we did. There was no DNA taken, no blood samples, no tissue no hair samples," said Sheriff Ford.

Fish and Wildlife said "Investigators reached their conclusion after a careful evaluation of the wounds and the scene. A husky found dead nearby suffered no visible wounds."

Denton said she's been ridiculed on social media -- even accused.

"What's the motive? What do we have to gain from any of this besides a financial loss?"

While Department of Fish and Wildlife, the sheriff's office is keeping all options open.

"I want people to understand that I'd rather by made a fool of and it be nothing than someone get hurt or killed and me not let them know," said Sheriff Ford. "My priority is the safety of the people of Monroe County."

Sheriff Ford says Fish and Wildlife reached out to him, and asked that they update their Facebook post to say the animals suffered apparent gunshot wounds. Kentucky's Fish and Wildlife statement does not say anything about gunshot wounds.

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