No more boring school lunch; Bowling Green Independent Schools revamp menu

Published: Sep. 4, 2019 at 4:58 PM CDT
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They say variety is the spice of life and at Bowling Green High School they're cooking up something different for students.

Officials with Bowling Green Independent's Food Service Department are saying goodbye to boring, traditional school lunch.

Korean beef bowls, orange chicken, and kati-kati chicken are things you might expect in a restaurant, but these are new options being served for lunch at Bowling Green High School.

"So we have seen the chicken shawarma already, the Philly cheesesteaks made their debut, yesterday here at the high school we had the Korean Beef Buddha Bowls, which was delicious," said Miranda Pierce, Child Nutrition Coordinator.

Food is fuel for our body and the expanded menu is providing students with the ingredients to thrive.

"It could be something fun and trying something new and that gets them excited being able to smell those recipes down the halls, you know, we have kids that are excited to already come to lunch and then they are going back to class excited about the lunch they had," said Pierce.

The new menu options are not only tasty, but are healthy and officials want to make it easier for families to provide meals at home.

On Bowling Green Independent's website, you can find the menu and the recipes for each lunch.

"And it translates to any language," said Dalla Emerson, Director of Food Service. "We have over 43 different languages spoken in our district so to have that ability for the parent's to access the menus in their own language and understand the nutritional values and see what their kids are enjoying in our district that was a number one priority for us as well."

Officials say this month they will serve several new lunch options, including Beef Manhattan and a ramen bar.

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