Officials pushing for Fairview Avenue traffic study

Published: Feb. 27, 2017 at 5:11 PM CST
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A stretch of road between Lehman Avenue and Hays Lane, also known as the heavily-trafficked portion of Fairview Avenue, has brought it's accident-prone conditions to the attention of Bowling Green officials.

"How can we make this corridor better, safer, more capacity, make it flow better for everybody?" Bowling Green City Public Works Director Greg Meredith asks himself.

While traffic conditions continue to grow along with the city of Bowling Green, Greg Meredith says now's the time to try to improve the traffic congestion with the help of a traffic study.

"A lot of issues are brought about by people stopping in the middle of the lane to make a left turn, and so that's what the study is going to look at. It's going to look at capacity, is there another way to configure the existing space in a better way. Doing some traffic simulation models, doing forecasts on upcoming traffic, and also looking at any changes for what improvements might cost," Meredith added.

And while other authorities like the Bowling Green-Warren County Metropolitan Planning Organization get their hands on the matter by sponsoring discretionary funding for the study, Bowling Green attorney Mike Breen says he and his place of work have seen the treacherous conditions of the avenue first-hand.

"I'm really glad to hear that they're doing that because this is a dangerous town to drive in. We've been here for ten years, and I can tell you that we see dangerous driving conditions all day long every day. It's not unusual to see some broken glass out on the intersection out there or to hear a smash," Mike Breen stated.

A course of action in the works, for a risky course through Bowling Green.

Greg Meredith also says Fairview Avenue typically sees around 26,000 cars daily, which has increased to 5,000 more vehicles in the past ten years.