Officials continue day 2 of search in missing person on Barren River

Published: May. 1, 2020 at 7:52 PM CDT
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Officials continued their water search for a missing person on Barren River Saturday morning.

According to officials, they can confirm two people jumped off the walking bridge Friday evening. They got out of the water and jumped a second time on the bridge. On the second jump, according to a statement by one of the individuals, the other person did not come back up out of the water.

Officials currently have five boats in the water. Four of the boats have sonar capabilities and they are continuing to search in the water.

Bowling Green Fire Department, Emergency Management, Gott Fire Department, Richardsville Fire Department, and Barren County Rescue are assisting in the search.

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According to Bowling Green Fire Department, they received a call around 5:30 PM that two people had jumped from the College Street walking bridge.

According to Marlee Boenig of the Bowling Green Fire Department, one of the individuals stated the other person did not come back up out of the water.

Various agencies were on the scene to help with the search.

The Bowling Green Fire Department had two boats, Gott Volunteer Fire Department had one boat, and the Richardsville Volunteer Fire Department had two boats in the water, one using a sonar.

Operations have suspended as of 7:45 PM on May 1st.

The search will resume in the morning.