Officials stressing the importance of taking school threats seriously

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- After a 19-year-old lands behind bars on a terroristic threatening charge toward a high school, authorities are stressing they do not take any type of threat lightly.

After a court appearance for her arraignment, Hannah Hayes was released from custody.

Authorities say a phone call was made from a blocked number toward Warren Central High School.

Hannah Hayes was arrested on Dec. 5 after an investigation identified her number as the one who had been making threats toward the school.

Deputies said Hayes is accused of calling Warren Central and saying "you are all going to die."

They said Hayes admitted to making the call.

Captain Curtis Hargett stresses that police investigate every threat to determine its credibility.

"A lot of it starts at home, I think -- having a healthy communication with your kids, talking to them about the importance of not making comments and that we don't take these lightly," said Hargett.

This is the second threat within the span of a week made towards a school in Warren County. The other one happened at South Warren High School on Friday, Nov. 30.

Hayes is out on a surety bond.

Her preliminary hearing has been waived until she is evaluated by Lifeskills.

Warren County Schools Superintendent Rob Clayton sent a message to parents and staff regarding the school system's safety measures.

To read the full statement, click here.

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