Oklahoma man celebrates 100th birthday with parade

SHAWNEE, Okla. (KFOR/CNN) - An Oklahoma man received a party that is safe in the age of social distancing to celebrate his 100th birthday.

His 100th birthday party had to be canceled, so his family reinvented it in a socially distancing safe way. (Source: CNN)

“I’ve got a bunch of friends!” Bill Rapp said.

A parade of friends and family dozens of cars deep came together to celebrate Rapp’s birthday after his 100th birthday party was canceled because of the coronavirus.

Complete with a trooper escort, signs, balloons and everyone who says Rapp has made their lives a little more special.

“Just seeing how many people love him because he’s said a time or two that he’s pretty much basically outlived all of his running buddies,” Rapp’s daughter Sharon Wade said. “Just to see that show of love and support for him, it really touched me.”

Rapp still plays golf, swims and drives himself to work every day.

This World War II veteran has seen many birthdays, but says this one takes the cake.

“This is the best,” he said.

Rapp’s birthday comes at a strange time, but this parade does not mean the actual party is canceled. It just means an even bigger celebration in the future.

His secret to living so long is that he does not hate anyone.

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