Out-of-towners coming to Kentucky for Monday's eclipse

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FRANKLIN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Several people have been preparing for the 2017 total solar eclipse for quite some time.

"I would say probably for the last three months," says Tracy Kurtiak, saying it took a while to find a hotel room in Bowling Green.

Officials have also been preparing, looking at predictions of the number of travelers expected and making action plans, should they need to be put into place.

"We've got pre-positioned and deployed message boards that will be turned on first thing tomorrow morning with some different information, mainly telling people not to stop on the side of the road or on the right-of-way," says Wes Watt with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, District 3.

On Sunday, our crews went out to the Kentucky Welcome Center in Franklin to speak with visitors, and see who was coming from out of town to view the eclipse in our area.

Billy Swinney from south Texas says he is on his way home from a work trip in New York, and now, has turned it into a road-trip to view the eclipse.

"You meet a lot of neat people cause they're all going to see the eclipse. It's like something that brings people together," says Swinney.

"We are from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania," adds Kurtiak.

But with her eclipse shirt on, she smiles, saying she's excited to be in Kentucky, adding, "Traveled here with my two daughters and four grandchildren to see the solar eclipse. Whoo Bowling Green!"

Kurtiak says she plans to view the eclipse at the hotel, but other guests we spoke with from Ohio say they're staying in Bowling Green only because rooms were either sold out, or too expensive for them in Hopkinsville.

"Like $800 a night, yeah, like $800, $1,000," say Priscilla Johnson and Lucy Higgins. They say they've reserved a spot in a Hopkinsville field to view the eclipse from, and they plan on traveling there Sunday afternoon.

Despite the travel and search for a hotel room, everyone we spoke with says it's worth it to get to see this eclipse on Monday.

"Yes, definitely, I mean, when the universe puts on a show you want to watch," adds Swinney.

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