Panda Express in Bowling Green creating jobs, giving back to the community

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- There is a new Panda Express in town located on Scottsville Road. While they are serving up some delicious orange chicken they're also creating jobs and giving back to the community.

The newly built restaurant is the first standalone Panda Express in Bowling Green. It opened its doors earlier this week bringing in several new jobs from the construction of the building to inside the restaurant.

"So we first created jobs with the construction of the building we created about 20 jobs. All the people that did the construction of the store was hired here in the Bowling Green area," said Nixsa Rodriguez, area coach of operations for Panda Express.

"With the opening of the store we are creating between 25 and 30 jobs between back of the house for the kitchen and the front of the house for customer service," she explained.

Besides bringing several jobs to Bowling Green, Panda Express already has plans to get involved with the community.

On August 21, they will be having their official launch day and will be holding a fundraiser event for Kids on the Block, where 50 percent of the proceeds from the event will go to that program.

Kids on the Block is a non-profit that helps children learn how to understand and communicate about sensitive, personal, and social matters.

If you would like to participate in the fundraiser on August 21, just simply mention to the cashier that you are there to support Kids on the Block.

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