Parents open wallets, dish money for back to school shopping

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- If you were looking for a parent of a grade school student on Saturday, there was a good chance you might find them pacing up and down the back to school aisle.

With less than a week to go before students were expected to rise and shine to catch that school bus, Jeff DeLong, dad of a middle school-aged daughter and an elementary school-aged daughter, kicked it into high gear.

"We've become kind of pros at this. We kind of make it a fun event, come to the same store every year," he smiled.

DeLong told WBKO he expected school supplies for his daughters to ring up between $150 and $200, a hefty price to pay, but one he called a "necessary evil."

"It's just something that we've kind of accepted, and we're glad to pitch in, we usually buy some extra things."

Dana Matukas, mom of three, expected a similar price tag as she looked inside her shopping cart.

"We've got glue sticks of course, and crayons, and notepads and composition folders."

A pretty standard list, but not a complete one.

Inside Target, parents had easy access to school supply lists from most Bowling Green and Warren County Schools. On one list for a sixth grade student at Natcher Elementary, everything from deodorant and an agenda to ear buds.

A very different list than DeLong remembers having during his school days.

"It probably had about three things on it. I remember we had a little cigar box that you put your pencils and your ruler in. Paper, and that was it," he laughed.

Josephine Lee was in charge of human resources and assets protection at Target. She noted the paper aisle wasn't the only one picking up foot traffic.

"It's a one-stop-shop, so they're coming in here for pens, pencils, all sorts of school supplies, and then they are also going by our clothing section."

Another huge expense for parents, but Matukas said that was one of the many reasons she was proud to live in Bowling Green, where the community always stepped up to lend a hand to those who might not be as fortunate.

"I know that the schools have great resources, and the back to school bash that they had for Stuff the Bus - and there's great resources for parents that need extra support, but for those that are aware, we know that there's things we've got to get for our kiddos."

If you or someone you know needs help purchasing school supplies, contact the student's school resource office.

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