Penguin Plunge celebrates their 15th year

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO)- This year is the 15th annual Penguin Plunge an event to help raise money for Junior Achievement in South Central Kentucky.

Their goal this year is to raise 15,000 dollars with that money, they will be able to reach hundreds of students in South Central Kentucky through Junior Achievement. Giving them an opportunity to excel in life.

"This event is really fun we have costumes and awards and everyone has a really good time, but we really are kind of reigning in on our mission about helping the students this is the reason why we jump into freezing cold water. So that we can give students the opportunity to have a better life and to succeed in a global economy," said Allison Henson Marketing and Special Events Coordinator.

The Penguin Plunge will take place on March 7th at 10 am.