People from around the world brought together, cheering as totality fell on Franklin

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FRANKLIN, Ky. (WBKO) -- People from around the world came to the Franklin, Kentucky drive-in to park their cars on Monday and watch the total solar eclipse.

With protective eclipse viewers on, several people tried finding the best spot and angle to watch from. They sat on top of their cars, looked through solar telescopes, and laid on the ground, taking in the eclipse.

Others showed off their home-made gadgets like pin-hole art and home-made viewers created from shoe-boxes.

We met several people from Kentucky, but just as many (if not more) people at the drive-in were from much further away.

One couple says they chase eclipses across the globe, and this is their sixth one.

Originally from Argentina, Henry and Shelia tell us they're in the United State "four days only for the eclipse."

Visitors from surrounding states talked to us about their stories, travels, and excitement for the eclipse, too.

"I'm from Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania," says Jesse Allen.

"St. George, Utah," adds Debby Brew, who has seen two other total solar eclipses before with her husband. Once during a cruise, and another while on a trip in England. She says with this being her first one to watch in the United States, she's very excited.

"Currently live in Red Key, Indiana," says Ted Kolodka, after mentioning that he's originally from Canada.

"I am from central Europe, from Hungary, but now I live in the United States," adds another guest at the drive-in.

For many, Monday marked their first experience with a total solar eclipse.

"I've seen partials, but never a full one," says Allen.

Others chased this one across the country, saying after seeing one before, they just had to see it again.

"It is so magical because it gets dark, it gets colder," explains Brew.

Strangers sat together all day, talking and laughing as if they'd been life long friends.

"Definitely coming back [to Kentucky], and people in Franklin are awesome," says Kolodka, standing beside a group of new friends, including Allen.

And as totality fell on Franklin in the middle of the afternoon, everyone cheered in unison.

The field and parking lot turned into smiles and gasps, with people clapping and pointing toward the sky.

"I didn't think it was going to be that awesome," says one guest after totality.

Visitors from all over say the experience was worth the drive.

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