Pharmacist recommends getting Flu shots now as flu season is starting

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Flu season has fallen upon Kentucky. With a few confirmed cases already in the state, right now is the prime time to get your flu vaccination.

"We have already had a case of the flu and it progresses, you know, basically now through the end of the year it just kind of continues to pick up," said Darren Lacefield, Pharmacist and Owner of CDS #10 Pharmacy.

According for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the 2019 vaccines are updated to better match the viruses that are expected to be going around the United States.

"It's recommended actually for anyone 6 months and older. Especially for someone that is higher risk. Usually younger people respond better to the shot. 65 and older need a higher dose, so they're separate shots," added Lacefield.

Flu season typically begins in October and hits its heavy peak around February and can last through May.

"Flu shots decrease your risk of getting the flu by 40 to 60 percent, or at least that prevents you from going to the doctor that often, prevents you from going to the hospital and it prevents numerous deaths each year," said Lacefield.

If you do happen to come down with the flu there are medications like Tamiflu and Xofluza that can help to ease your symptoms.

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