Prepare for winter weather before it hits

Bowling Green, Ky. (WBKO) --- Before the winter weather hits, there are precautions you can take to stay safe on the roads and comfortable in your home.

"We have put down anti-icing today to prepare for what could come tomorrow night," said Wes Wyatt, Public Information Officer for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 3.

Homeowners, local businesses, and road crews are all preparing for that winter weather, so this is a good time to get out there and get those items like gloves, shoes, and salt for your driveway.

"A lot of times when we have bad weather like that, especially when it's ice, we see people come in afterwards with problems with their windshield wipers and one thing I always tell my customer is 'if your car is parked outside, prop your windshield wipers up."

Simple things like checking your oil and tire pressure can help during the rough conditions.

"General preparedness for families is what we want everyone to think about. Have you made preparations for travel? Have you made preparations at home? Have you made preparations for extended power outages?" said Ronnie Winters, Director Emergency Management Bowling Green/Warren County.

"Bridges and overpasses will freeze first before the roadway will, so it's very possible they could be driving on a clear roadway and then hit a bridge that has got some ice on it. So, it is just important to keep that in the back of their mind as well," said Wyatt.

Keeping up with your car, having a disaster kit in your home, and buying the essentials before the storm hits are all necessities for the winter weather.

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