'Prints of Peace' gives work opportunities for teenagers through Housing Authority

BOWLING GREEN, Kentucky (WBKO) -- 'Prints of Peace' is allowing teenagers to get hands on work experience and training by designing and screen printing tee shirts.

The Broadway United Methodist Church got the idea several months ago and decided to team up with the Housing Authority of Bowling Green to provide opportunities for young folks near the Housing Authority community.

"It is fulfilling the commandment to love your neighbor, to get outside the walls of our church," said Jason Brown, Executive Minister at Broadway United Methodist.

To continue living out the commandment of loving your neighbor, the Housing Authority and Broadway United Methodist are partnering together to create 'Prints of Peace,' a screen printing business that the Prince of Peace himself would approve of.

The business is allowing teenagers to get hands-on work experience and training.

"This becomes a place that makes opportunity accessible," said Brown. "Folks can walk here, they can build job skills, they can build a resume, and eventually they can launch into something bigger once their resume is built and they develop those skills,"

Housed on Beauty Avenue right in the heart of the Housing Authority, the young people employed here will come from the area, those who would maybe not have the opportunity if this didn't exist.

"This is just the tip of the iceberg, if you can come in here and screenprint this shirt, why can't you go and be a graphic designer?" Joyce Johnson, Assistant Projects Manager, asked. "Why can't you go and do advertising? We're just hoping that this is going to open up a whole new world for these folks,"

The worthwhile work and loving your neighbor is prevalent in this new opportunity, where that comes seldom in a world full of so much hate.

Religious or not, it's very clear that there's something at work here.

"To create opportunities to not just acknowledge God at work, but to hopefully multiply God at work," added Brown.

You can place an order for your own design by calling the Housing Authority of Bowling Green at (270) 843-6071

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