Protecting yourself from the flu following an epidemic season

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(WBKO) -- Flu season is right around the corner, and medical professionals are already suggesting people get this year's influenza vaccine as soon as possible.

One local pharmacist said it's most important for children and adults over age 65 to get the vaccine.

Last year's flu season proved to be a dangerous one, and the flu vaccine was not effective for some. However, that doesn't necessarily play a role in the effectiveness of this year's vaccine.

Professionals also suggest ways to keep your immune system as strong as possible.

"Vitamin C, Zinc, making sure your immune system is as healthy as it can be," said Benjamin Washam at Sheldon's Pharmacy. "Multivitamins, all these things help boost your immune system and help protect you from the flu. The flu shot is great. Do it, but I highly recommend supporting your immune system on top of that as much as you can."

This year is the first year that pharmacies will be able to test for the flu inside their own buildings. They can also test for strep throat.

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