Public forum to bring indoor tennis court or ice rink to Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) --- Warren County Parks and Recreation held a public forum Thursday evening in hopes to bring an indoor tennis court or ice rink to Bowling Green.

People were given stickers to place on a board full of options regarding both the potential ice rink and tennis court.

"Both of those projects are very expensive to create and build and before we did any of that we wanted to make sure we had community engagement and that we were really meeting the needs of what the public and citizenship would want," said Chris Kumer, Director WCPRD

This was Warren County Parks and Recreation's first feasibility study.

"We felt that it was in the best interest to the county to actually do the feasibility study, get public input and then also go back through the company that is doing the study (LOSE) and look at different analytical and data points for facilities such as these tonight." Kumer said.

The data would include how much the facilities would cost, how much the revenue would be, and the partnership opportunities available.

WCPRD allowed people to see two examples of two facilities, the Adams Tennis Facility in Murfeesboro, Tennessee and the Ford Ice Center in Nashville.

"I am so excited that Warren County is considering an indoor tennis facility. This is long overdue. We have junior tennis players, adult players. We need this desperately," said Gabby Springs, Bowling Green resident.

"We wanted people to actually come in and visually see kind of the layout and the design of what those buildings look like and at the same time kind of mark with little dots what amenities they would like to see if a facility was built here in Warren County," Kumer said.

Some of the amenities included a concession stand, training rooms, meetings, pickle ball or tennis courts, etc.

WCPRD also asked for the public's input on location of the facilities to make them accessible to all people, to provide easy access, and to make them successful.

"What is going to happen after tonight is Lose and Associates, the company that was approved to do the study, they're going to take the information gathered tonight with another company called SFA, they're putting together all the data and analytical cost comparisons and different things like that. They are going to do a draft presentation within the next month or so," Kumer said.

After that, they (Lose and Associates and SFA) will have a second focus group meeting and on May 1st, the companies will do a fiscal court presentation and explain to the court and all the citizens what they found and see if this is something the county and city could do.