Pulitzer Prize-winning "Politifact" visits WKU post-election

Published: Nov. 16, 2016 at 10:31 PM CST
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The Pulitzer Prize-winning website, "Politifact", sent some of their editors to talk with students at Western Kentucky University on Wednesday.

"Politifact" is a non-partisan website that checks on the validity of statements made by different political figures. They're also known as "fact-checkers."

They have followed the recent presidential election very closely over the past year or so.

This is their third different presidential election the website has covered.

Dr. Saundra Ardrey, political science chair at WKU, says the goal of bringing "Politifact" to campus was to provide students with "truthful information, so they can take that, and then make it into a decision."

"We don't care what the decision is," Dr. Ardrey says, "but it should at least be based on knowledge."

"We arranged it before the election," says journalism professor Amanda Crawford, "to find out if they could give us a re-cap after it was all over, to see what we should expect to see from the candidate going into the White House."

Katie Sanders is Deputy Editor at "Politifact", and she says their non-partisan approach is important to keeping away from dishonest media outlets.

"With the president-elect whose record on facts is not so great," says Sanders, "we think it's important for people to know that we're going to continue vigorously fact-checking the new administration like we did the old one."

One student says he is happy to see that the lengths that some websites will go to differentiate fact from fiction.

"What I liked the most was just seeing a bit more in-depth info on how they go through the fact-checking process," says Freshman Sean Hull. "I find it reassuring that the sites that I have chosen have a good process behind how they determine what is true, what is false, what is half-true."

You can find a database of political figures and their profiles at the "Politifact" website to see if what they are saying is true or not.