Leitchfield puppy dragged by truck last year now given forever home by foster mom

"Pretty" will remain with her foster mom who cared for her after being...
"Pretty" will remain with her foster mom who cared for her after being dragged by a truck in October of 2018. (Photo: Madison Martin)(WBKO)
Published: Jul. 30, 2019 at 6:13 PM CDT
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The foster mom of a badly-abused dog in Leitchfield is breathing a sigh of relief.

Last October, a bull terrier mix puppy was badly injured, when she was chained to the back of a vehicle and forgotten about, as Charles Weedman dragged her for several blocks.

"She had severe cuts and road rash on her feet where she had been -- according to witnesses at the scene -- she was keeping up; she was trying her best to keep up with him driving," said Devon Riley, Pretty's owner and founder of Barks and Recreation, a boarding facility.

The Leitchfield Animal Shelter called up Riley, whose fostered dozens of animals and also is a board member on the Twin Lakes Humane Society.

It was there the puppy safely traveled the road to recovery, though the trauma is believed to have made an impact they weren't expecting.

"Another turn in this case was in December, we had noticed that Pretty was gaining weight and she actually delivered a stillborn puppy, so she was pregnant when she was dragged," said Jessica Williams, the director of the Leitchfield Animal Shelter.

A court case was in the works, which in turn meant, the dog's location had to be kept quiet.

"We actually got temporary custody, because she was considered evidence," explained Williams.

The dog's given name is just about as relevant to her looks, as how sweetly she behaves.

"That was what got her to wag her tail on that third day that I had her was calling her Pretty and I was like, 'Okay, she's pretty. She's gotta be Pretty.' So that name just sort of stuck,'" Riley remebered. "She was so easy to fall in love with, and so we just nursed her back to health in her own private space."

Nearly 10 months later, Weedman pleaded guilty on Monday to second-degree cruelty to animals.

"This was definitely neglect. And we knew immediately we had to do something about it, because you can't just let people slide by. Kentucky animal welfare laws aren't strict enough, but I am happy with the outcome of this," said Williams.

He's to serve two weeks in jail, 180 months of probation, pay a $193 fine, and is not allowed to own an animal during that time period.

The original owners of Pretty signed away their ownership -- allowing for Riley to no longer foster the pup but actual adopt her

"I think that Pretty and Devon connected immediately, and she's exactly where she needs to be," said Williams.

"She's just the sweetest; spunkiest; she loves to see people; she loves to greet everyone; every dog that comes in here -- she wants to meet them, smell them, love on them, play with them; I mean, she's just nonstop," said Riley. "She is the happiest, sweetest dog that I have ever met."

They've made an Instagram page for Pretty to share more of her story. You can find her handle at @the_prettiest_pretty.