RIDE-ALONG: KSP clocking drivers at 90mph plus while monitoring traffic

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HORSE CAVE, Ky. (WBKO) -- Kentucky State Police Troopers say they're seeing a lot of excessive speeds on the roads lately, along with other violations like people improperly wearing seat-belts, or not wearing them at all.

13 News went on a ride-along with Master Trooper Jonathan McChesney on Monday as he monitored traffic conditions.

"We're seeing a lot of excessive high speeds. We're seeing a lot of speeds in the 90s, even numerous tickets have been written over 100 miles per hour," says Trooper McChesney.

It took just a few minutes parked on the side of the interstate ramp to see drivers at high speeds.

"You went past Exit 58 at 90 miles per hour and I monitored your traffic for several miles. I have you at 103 at the highest clock," says Trooper McChesney, talking to a driver he pulled over.

He goes on to say, "You were in and out of lanes, riding on people's bumpers. Why are you going so fast?"

Troopers say they're seeing these high speeds mostly on the interstates, leading to several tickets and court dates.

"At Post 3, we average between 1,800 and 2,000 citations total per month. Over the past holiday period (November 22-26), we issued over 450 citations with about half of those being speeding citations," says McChesney.

For the driver McChesney pulled over Monday afternoon, "It's going to be a 103 in a 70, operating with expired Kentucky registration plate and receipt, that's for the license plate and for not having a operator's license," he says.

McChesney tells the driver of the vehicle, "It's not payable, but I went ahead and printed out a payment sheet so that you'd have the phone number to the clerk's office."

According to KSP, this is just one of several speed violations Post 3 has handled recently.

"People are definitely driving faster than they have ever driven," he says.

McChesney goes on to say, "With the increase of the speed limit to 70 miles per hour, I think a lot of people are under the assumption that they can continually speed up because the speed limit is higher."

On Friday in Smiths Grove "I think over the duration of four or five hours, we issued over 70 speeding citations, with a majority of those being 90 miles an hour, plus," he adds.

Trooper McChesney says the average cost of one of those citations is around $200.

He's advising people to slow down, make sure to watch their speedometer, and to keep blankets in their car this time of year in case of any emergency. He also says distracted driving has been a problem on the roads, from anything to DVD players in the car to cell phones.

Trooper McChesney says he's verified official statics for the state death toll on roadways for the year, which, as of Monday, is at 685. That's a large number, but he says it's down significantly from last year's total, which was an unusually high number of 834.

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