Rand Paul "absolutely" supports Kavanaugh following allegations

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Senator Rand Paul visited WKU's campus on Thursday for his annual United States Service Academy Fair.

Sen. Paul spoke on several subjects involving serving opportunities in the military, which he has deep ties to.

Paul also caught up with 13 News concerning his support of Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh was accused of sexually assaulting a woman over three decades ago

Sen. Paul said that his support for the nominee has not wavered in wake of those allegations.

"He's been married for 25 years, he's a good husband, he's a good father, he's been a judge for 12 years," Sen. Paul began. "I think it's a problem to discount so much of his entire life based on an accusation from 36 years ago,"

Paul also discussed his thoughts on the White House's announcement of limiting the number of refugees into the United States.

Sen. Paul said that although he supports those who want to come into the country, he's worried about the hit the economy could take if those numbers didn't decrease.

"We do have to be a little bit wary that we could get so many that we're running a trillion dollar deficit," Sen. Paul said. "Right now there's not enough money to pay for all the stuff we're doing [in the U.S.], much less invite the entire world to come,"

Because of his deep family roots in the military, Sen. Paul said he always enjoys being able to attend the U.S. Service Academy Fair.