Rand Paul discusses Belgium attacks and supreme court nomination

Published: Mar. 22, 2016 at 4:15 PM CDT
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Sen. Rand Paul stopped in Central City as part of town hall events across Kentucky on Tuesday.

WBKO spoke with him after the event about the Brussels terrorist attacks.

"My heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones there. I'm sure there will be some Americans involved. It just re-emphasizes that we have to be prepared to defend ourselves," said Sen. Rand Paul.

Paul supports stricter legislation on who comes into America to help prevent attacks on American soil.

"I think we have to have more vetting and more screening of those who want to visit America and those who want to move to America. I think we've been too open with letting just anybody come," said Paul.

The Bowling Green republican is in favor of background checks for those visiting the U.S.

"I've introduced several pieces of legislation to slow down the process. I really think that international travelers that want to visit us, should go through global entry, where you have to get a background check before you visit America," said Paul.

Paul talked about several issues including cutting down on government spending and the supreme court nomination.

"President Obama has been terrible for the state of Kentucky. I think he's been terrible for the coal industry. Now you've got Hillary Clinton saying, she's going to put coal miners out of business, coal industry out of business. So, I don't think we want Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama to appoint a supreme court justice that will be a rubber stamp for their policies that have been putting Kentuckians out of work," said Paul.

Paul continues his town halls in western Kentucky Wednesday in places like Owensboro and Ohio County.

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