Rand Paul wants to reopen schools and businesses

Published: May. 14, 2020 at 11:07 PM CDT
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To combat the country's unemployment issue due to the coronavirus, Senator Rand Paul wants to reopen American businesses now, and reopen schools in the fall, even if we're still seeing COVID-19 cases in Kentucky.

"Absolutely," Paul told me. "We have to. I mean, the thing we did this time was extraordinary. We closed the schools before there was any sense of the virus in the schools. Zero! They didn't find any kids in school with the virus and we closed the schools entirely. I think that was overkill and what we ought to do is open the schools and see how we do, and if we have outbreaks in schools we have to make judgments on that. But Sweden has left the schools open the whole time, and the death rate in Sweden is about the same as the rest of Europe, in fact it's a lot less than Britain, France, Spain, and Italy. Sweden's doing better than those countries even though they didn't close down even any of their economy."

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