Ransdell soaks it all up in last homecoming

Published: Oct. 22, 2016 at 6:56 PM CDT
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For two decades Gary Ransdell has been the man to lead WKU.

13 News spent some time on campus Saturday as part of his last homecoming as president.

It's safe to say, he's a pretty popular guy.

"These last 19 years, this 20th year, it's been the passion of our lives, both Julie and me. We've poured everything we've had into this institution, our Alma mater," said WKU President Gary Ransdell.

Like a politician with the highest approval rating, Dr. Ransdell strolled down the hill for picture after picture.

WKU's president couldn't take a step without someone wanting to talk to him.

"This may be the one that tops it all off though with so much graciousness and fun with us in the middle of it, this would have to be the best one," Ransdell said.

It's his last homecoming as president. Stylishly dressed in school colors, he spent time with students, alumni and fans.

"We're going through a lot of lasts this year with last this and last that, but it's ok we're just going to be fans this time next year," Ransdell added.

He recognizes it's a big day since the homecoming theme is all about him, but is also excited about the future.

"I guess then, I can yell whatever I want at the referees and get away with it. I won't be entirely accountable at any rate," Ransdell joked.

"We've been completely self-actualized in this role for these last 20 years. It's special for us."

Ransdell also gave the remote control to a newly wed couple today to ring the bell at Guthrie Tower.

He still has the spring semester to go in his full capacity as president.