Recent rainfall causes problems for area farmers

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Rain, rain go away... come again another day. That's not usually what farmers say, but it is today.

"Every year in Kentucky agriculture we have a new challenge," says Warren Cooperative Extension Agent Joanna Coles. "This year it was just a lot of rain, late season, in the month of July"

Local farmers are taking extra precautions to make sure their product can make its way... to you.

"A lot of times the consumer, they don't even know the problems that that farmer's having," Cole went on to say. "That farmer's just having to work a lot harder to keep the weed pressure down, a lot harder to keep disease out of the crops, but at the end of the day, they still work really hard to get a good wholesome product to the marketplace."

Dale Tucker is farmer, working along side his son and grandson at Tucker Farms.

"Usually, July is when we want rain. Normally it's a dryer month, and this time it turned right the opposite on us and we had too much rain, actually."

Too much hydration can lead to devastating results for crops like corn and soy beans, but Dale Tucker says he'll take rain over drought, every time.

Not enough water can lead to even more losses.

This summer has yielded massive amounts of rain, bringing along with them, the struggle for crops to survive, but Joanna Coles says it shouldn't cause a problem for the future.

"A long term effect is probably not going to happen. Next year we'll have a completely different weather year than this year."

The bottom line for the consumer is that a wet season will still cost you less than a dry one.

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