Reliving 1959: Warren County High School Class Reunion

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- You always hear about the five, ten, and even twenty year class reunions, but the 1959 class at what was Warren County High School celebrated their 60-year reunion Saturday.

Attendees also reunited with a ride from the good ole days.

"You grow up in Bowling Green back in the fifties, it was a small town, everybody knew everybody. There was just a bonding in the fifties, the early fifties," said Jim Peace, 1959 graduate.

The year was 1959, the time of poodle skirts and bobby socks, drive-ins and diners, and the old classic cars.

"I bought this car right after high school when I got my first job and I've kept it all these years," said Shirley Johnson Carter, 19509 graduate. "I thought it would be really neat to bring it back to a reunion."

Shirley was a graduate of the 1959 class, now showing up to her 60th reunion in the same car.

"Well, they all remembered it and they couldn't believe I still had it," she said.

To Shirley and her husband Bill, a Bowling Green graduate, the 1959 blue Ford Skyliner Convertible is more than just an old car.

"We dated some in it, went to get married in it, brought our first children home from the hospital in it, so it means a lot of memories," Shirley said.

"It is real sentimental, I'm real sentimental about it," said Bill Carter, Shirley's husband.

The 1959 class holds reunions almost every five years.

"We just enjoy getting together and seeing everybody, catching up," said Bonnie Williams Huffman, 1959 graduate. "We get to see everyone. We have people coming from many states and it's fun to see everybody again."

"Not only have we [Bill and Shirley] made it for fifty seven years, but the car has too," Bill said.