Remembering Reverend Freddie Brown

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Reverend Freddie Brown sadly passed away on September 9th and he preached at the state street baptist church for 28 years.

"So we are going to sharing with you how God works in our circumstances, matter a fact look at your neighbor again look at him in the eye and tell him don't take your blessings for granted," Rev. Freddie Brown

Assistant Pastor Buchanon worked alongside Rev. Brown and was blessed to know him for 14 years.

"He just loved people and just willing to help anybody. I mean it didn't matter what walk of life they came from but one thing about him, he was going to ensure although he is willing to help anybody out he was going to make sure he shared the word with them along the way," said Reverend Edward Buchanon, assistant pastor.

Rev. Brown left a lasting legacy not just for his sermons on Sunday but also for his love for the community

"I know there are a number of people in the community that really loved him that were not members of state street baptist church but that is just kind of the impact that he had it was just far reached," added Buchanon.

He also taught valuable life lessons.. that will always be remembered especially by the assistant pastor at state street baptist church

"One of the lessons he taught me is nobody can beat you at being you all of us are different and sometimes we try to imitate or try to be like other people but nobody can beat you at being you," said Buchanon.

Rev. Brown will be remembered for the positive and lasting impacts he left on everyone who knew him.

Brown's visitation is set for September 13 at the State Street Baptist Church from Four in the evening until eight and on September 14 from 10 in the morning until 11:45. His funeral service will follow the visitation at noon.

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