Rep. James Comer speaks on federal farm bill

Published: Jul. 10, 2018 at 5:39 PM CDT
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Congressman James Comer spoke with 13 News Tuesday about the federal farm bill progressing through congress.

Some version of the bill has passed through the United States Senate and the House of Representatives, and some minor revisions still need to be approved, but Comer believes it will get done.

Comer sits on the House Committee on Agriculture and told 13 News he was tapped for the position because of his background in farming.

A soybean farmer himself, Comer is excited to have played a role in what he believes will help rural America.

"It's been an honor in my first year in congress on the farm bill because it's so important to rural Kentucky," he said. "There's no piece of legislation more important to family farmers than the farm bill, and I'm confident that our family farmers in Kentucky are going to be very happy with the final product."

Comer pointed toward establishing a stronger federal crop insurance program and dedicating funds to farming research as reasons he's a supporter of the bill.

Another thing that the farm bill would do is tackle the legalization of industrial hemp.

Comer worked with Sen. Mitch McConnell when Comer was Kentucky's Agriculture Commissioner, and played a role in bringing hemp pilot programs to the state.

"We can take this industry to the next level now with some change in federal law," he said. "Our most important change is we reclassify hemp from a controlled substance to an agriculture crop."

Comer added that Kentucky is already the largest producer of industrial hemp in the country, and it could continue to help Kentucky farmers.

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