Rep. Sewell leads commission in response to White House election fraud commission

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - An Alabama congresswoman is leading an effort to scrutinize a Trump administration fact-finding mission. The White House wants to know if voter fraud took place in the 2016 election. But Rep. Terri Sewell (D-AL) says the administration is searching for a problem that doesn’t exist.

Rep. Sewell (D-AL) calls the administration's election integrity commission a witch hunt.

“All of the evidence has suggested that voter fraud is minuscule in this society,” said Sewell.

Sewell is the chair of a new commission created as a rebuttal to President Trump’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. The administration is asking for help from states to examine what it believes is voter fraud in the 2016 election. They are looking for information like partial Social Security numbers, addresses and political party registration.

“This is really a witch hunt to try get voter file information, voter information that will be used against voters. Not to help protect the vote, but rather be used to suppress the vote,” said Sewell.

Gary Nordlinger from The George Washington University says he doesn’t think this information will be used to suppress voters, but he also says the administration won’t find much fraud, if any.

“I just can’t understand why he doesn’t pick his fights more carefully. You know, he’s going to have this big commission, and I can’t imagine they’re going to find massive voter fraud that involves millions of people,” said Nordlinger.

Hans Von Spakovsky is a member of the White House commission. He says even if there is one instance of voter fraud, it undermines our democracy.

“Every time a vote is stolen, that is stealing a fundamental right from an American,” said Von Spakovsky.

He says the backlash against the commission is strictly political. He says candidates can purchase the information they’re requesting during elections.

“The idea that they would sell this information but then not give it to this federal commission that’s trying to investigate that just doesn’t make any sense,” said Von Spakovsky.

Many states are refusing to hand over information to the commission. President Trump suggests they have something to hide.

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