Republican candidate for Governor of Kentucky, Robert Goforth visits Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Unafraid of his status as a political underdog, State Rep. Robert Goforth is currently on a three-day media tour, vying for the Governor's seat.

"This is probably one of the most important elections that you will have for a long, long time," said Goforth.

With the primary election just days away, Goforth and running mate Mike Hogan aren't stepping down.

Goforth isn't shy in challenging incumbent Matt Bevin in the state's Republican Primary. He says Kentuckians are "fed up" with Bevin, who is seeking a second term.

Goforth also pointed out his view on the way Governor Bevin has handled the feud with public school teachers

"Beyond the insults and the arrogance and how he treats people, we differ on a lot of policy differences," said Goforth. One of those differences is the pension system.

"He says that he is wanting to fix the pension system, but he appointed a bunch of people to that board, a bunch of his friends, they've directed those investments so those hedge fund friends and those managers of that money have made over $400-million on the KRS fund alone," Goforth said.

If elected, Goforth says running mate Mike Hogan will be the Department of Local Government Commissioner.

"I will serve in that capacity with no additional salary whatsoever and I will be able to help rural communities because I understand their needs. There are certain areas of this state that are doing well, Bowling Green with Western Kentucky University is one of them and I'm glad for them, but there are a lot of areas of this state of people that are not doing well," said Hogan.

Goforth is one of three GOP candidates challenging Bevin in the state's May 21st primary election.

"The poll numbers show that Kentuckians want to head in a new direction, and that's what we're going to do on Tuesday," said Goforth.

The other Republicans running for governor are William Woods, Ike Lawrence, and incumbent Gov Matt Bevin.

The Primary Election will be held May 21st, this coming Tuesday.

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