Residents vote on alcohol sales in Clinton County

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ALBANY, Ky. (WBKO) -- UPDATE: In Clinton County residents overwhelmingly voted to remain dry, with a vote of 1288 to 2300.
Situated at the crossroads of tourism in southern Kentucky, the residents are Clinton County are voting on alcohol sales.

"Tax base, got a lot of tourists that come here, they expect this place to be wet. They can't believe when they get down here that it's not wet," said Leon Denney, Denney Marine owner.

"We're so far from the interstate, it's not going to help us financially as far as taxes and things like that, not going to be any big restaurants and things come in that will help us at all," said Clear Fork Baptist Church Pastor Bobby Sawyer.

Supporters believe it will help the local economy. Those against it say that it isn't accurate, and alcohol causes family problems.

"We just want to keep it away from our children the best we can. I do know it's available already in other counties around close to us, but we're just trying to keep it out of our city, out of our town," Sawyer added.

Clinton County is between Dale Hollow Lake and Lake Cumberland, two well visited spots in south central Kentucky.

"One marina here has over 1,200 slips. That tax money, they wouldn't buy there stuff until they got down here, the beer and might be able to bring better restaurants, better jobs, just help the community all over," Denney said.

Clinton County is one of four places in south central Kentucky having alcohol related votes today. There is a winery vote in Smiths Grove. The community of Hartford in Ohio County is having a wet/dry vote and so is Allen County.

If Clinton County goes wet, based on population, the county could have about four packaged liquor stores.

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