Retailers offer tips as you return your holiday gifts

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- The Christmas festivities are coming to a close, and that means retailers will be busy returning and exchanging gifts in the coming days. Stores around South Central Kentucky opened back up for business on Tuesday after being closed for the holiday.

Opening at early Tuesday morning, J.C. Penney in Bowling Green says the story stayed busy all day. When asked how many returns they were expecting, sales associate Madison Alexander said, "There's no telling honestly."

Most people who are brought out to stores on the day after Christmas have one thing to accomplish.

Rondal Shrewsbury knew exactly what he was doing, "Exchanging a belt."

Same for David Stevens, "My daughter is returning something."

And even the same for father-daughter combo Justin & Rylee Reesy, "Just returning and exchanging gifts."

While the gifts are being returned, customers don't always get what they expect.

Madison Alexander said sometimes the trade hits them by surprise when they don't have a receipt, "When you do returns without a receipt, it gives you a 45 day low price which is like the lowest price an item has been in 45 days and if that item is on clearance it can be really, really low."

Other retailers like Jim Sauerheber are offering tips to help make the return experience a quick one.

"Make sure the item has a tag, especially if it's clothing or something that maybe didn't work. If they took it out of the box, if they have the box and put it back in the box that'd be fantastic," said Sauerheber, "Usually if we have the tag or UPC that we can scan, it makes it pretty easy."

Some children enjoy being able to return gifts; it gives them an opportunity to get things they may not have received at Christmas.

"The kids actually get really excited because whenever there's things they got duplicates of or maybe things that didn't fit just right, that gives them a gift card and they get to go shopping and find other things," said Justin Reesy, "It's like a treat for them."

Tuesday's process of getting all of the family's gifts lined out is one that can be exhausting and overwhelming, but there are people who enjoy it.

David Stevens says, "We've been doing this for years. We have teenagers so they always don't love everything you get them. We take no offense. We make sure we keep our receipts and it's really fun doing it here in Bowling Green."

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