Retired WKU professor to return to Bowling Green after accident in Vietnam

Published: Jun. 27, 2018 at 7:48 PM CDT
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It's a moment the Bohlander family has been waiting for.

"He will be air evaced from directly from Vietnam to Bowling Green."

While taking a trip to Vietnam more than three months ago, Dr. Ed Bohlander fell and hit his head on his hotel floor, and after several medical procedures, has been in a coma.

Once the family learned their insurance had approved having Dr. Bohlander transportation by air ambulance, the next line of business was finding the hospice care facility.

"In order to transfer a patient that kind of distance you have to have, number one, a good place to go and the permision of that place for the patient to be accepted," Hospice of Southern Kentucky Medical Director Dr. Gary Verst said. "Number two, the mechanism we're about to do so.

"A lot of work with the insurance company had to be down eventually, to my understanding, the health care advocacy people that go along with that particular insurance agency was able to make the arrangments for him to be transported here."

Hospice of Southern Kentucky says that Dr. Bohlander is expected to arrive back in Bowling Green within the next 3-4 days and while he's here they'll do everything possible to make sure that he is comfortable.

"(The family) is very pleased and I very much hope that things will go smoothly," Dr. Verst said.

As for the family, they say they finally feel a sense of comfort.

"We've been working towards this outcome for over two months now and that gets pretty discouraging when you keep coming up against barriers to carrying it out," Gretchen LaGodna (Dr. Bohlander's sister) said. "When this finally got worked out I think we all took a great sigh of relief and are really quite happy. The presence is going to mean a lot."

You can donate to the family's medical expenses