Rich Pond Elementary among the nation's elite schools

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RICH POND, Ky. (WBKO) -- Rich Pond Elementary was named a Blue Ribbon School, one of only four public schools in Kentucky to earn that honor this year.

And get this! Rich Pond is one of only nine Kentucky elementary schools in the history of the program to ever win the Blue Ribbon twice!

"This is not something that happens just because people think it's a cute thing to do, " Said Kentucky Commissioner of Education Dr. Stephen Pruitt. "This is where real people are making a real difference in real kids' lives."

"It's a community of people coming together and doing what's best for kids," added Rich Pond Elementary Principal Dr. Dan Costellow. "It's everybody getting on the same page and working hard to make sure the kids are successful, giving them whatever they need."

Only one-fourth of one-percent of all the public schools in the entire nation become Blue Ribbon Schools.

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