Rich Pond Market and Deli reopens

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RICH POND, Ky,. (WBKO) -- Back on December 16th a big change came to a small town. The Rich Pond Market and Deli had to close to make way for the widening of 31W. But it was only temporary.

The Huntsman family officially reopened its brand new deli Monday, just a little ways down the road from the first one. They've been preparing for this since last July.

"It's been great seein' all of our old customers back," said co-owner Harold Hunstman, Junior, "the regulars, students from South Warren, and it's been really busy for our first day back."

Harold says this will be more of a restaurant than a convenience store, serving up plate lunches, sandwiches, and more. The new place now seats 40 people, and will seat almost twice that many when they open the patio this spring.

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