Rick Kelley responds to Hitcents Park Plaza lawsuit

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Last month the city of Bowling Green filed a lawsuit against some of the developers of the downtown wrap project formerly known as Hitcents Park Plaza.

Rick Kelley, the former owner of Mariah's Restaurant is named in that suit, and Wednesday Kelley's attorney, Alan Simpson, issued a response.

Kelley says he sold Mariah's to the Mills family, then served as a consultant in the business. He says he did not own any of the restaurants or real estate in the HitCents project; he did not sign any checks or make deposits for the restaurants or real estate; and he never signed any forms to request or disburse any bond funds.

Kelley and the others are accused of wrongfully diverting and illegally using bond funds which had been approved and guaranteed by the city of Bowling Green, to establish and operate their own private businesses. But Kelley's attorney claims the city knew the Operating Agreement allowed bond funds to be used for working capital for the Hitcents project.

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