As K9 flu continues, more vaccinate.

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO)--- The risk of dogs being exposed to canine influenza remains high,
and one local veternarian is seeing more clients requesting the vaccine.

"If there is a shot for it, I'd like to get it to protect him and also other dogs that he's around," says Julie Scott, about vaccinating her dog.

With cases of canine influenza, or CIV, not far from the area, Dr. Luke Griffith of Three Springs Animal Hospital, recommends people vaccinate their dogs.

"If they're in a boarding facility, in a dog park, if they're at a doggy daycare, those types of situations, it's going to run rampant," says Griffith.
"Dog flu is very similar to people flu in that it is very infectious, very contagious. It's a virus so it makes them very sick. They're lethargic, coughing, fever, loss of appetite"

Griffith says there is an increased number in clients opting to vaccinate man's best friend..

"We're concerned about it," says dog owner, Robert Hoffman.
"(Shadow's) due to get some regular shots coming up so we figured we'd just add it to the routine".

The virus spreads quickly, and cases have been confirmed relatively close to the area.

"Stopping off at rest areas, and gas stations and things like that, our dogs can definitely contact viruses this way as well," says Griffith. "We've seen it in Louisville and some others more in central Kentucky as well and several confirmed cases there".

"We've never experienced any of our dogs being sick, but I would hope that we don't because vet bills and doctors visits and all that, it's not fun," Says Kayla Gilbert, who takes her dogs to the dog park several times a week. "I hope other people vaccinate their dogs and get them shots so all the dogs stay healthy around here".

Vaccinating may also be the way to help ensure vet bills stay low.

"It's much more cost effective to vaccinate than it is to treat the dog," says Griffith.

For more information about warning signs and symptoms, speak with your local veterinarian on how best to treat your dog.

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