Rotary Club readies neighborhoods for Memorial Day

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - The Bowling Green Rotary Club got several neighborhoods ready for Memorial Day by installing American flags in the yards of residents.

The flags are a part of the club's Flags for Kids program. Neighborhood residents pay a small fee and the Rotary Club will install an American flag in the resident's yard on each of the six flag holidays of the year. The proceeds go towards local children's charities.

"It gives them a chance to make a patriotic statement about their community and their neighborhood," said Dan Cherry, the chair of the Flags for Kids program. "It makes us very proud, once the flags actually go up. To see them flying in the breeze and it just makes us proud of being able to do something like that to benefit children's charities."

Over 200 flags from the Flags for Kids program will be flying across Bowling Green for the holiday weekend. The flags will then be picked up on Tuesday, May 26, and stored until Flag Day on June 14.

"This is year number two for the Rotary Flags for Kids program. So it's just getting started but we've already seen an incredible response from several neighborhoods that have come in," club member Travis Keller said. "Most of them have said 100% of us want to participate in this program. So to go through the neighborhood and to just (see) flags waving in front of the homes as you go down the street is just really a beautiful thing."

Cherry said he hopes people will see the flags out over the weekend and want to reach out to the club and try and get their neighborhood involved.

"Our program is growing and we're excited about it," Cherry said.

Anyone interested in signing up can contact the club at

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