Russell County becomes a wet county

Published: Jan. 20, 2016 at 10:06 PM CST
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After an extremely close vote, Russell County has made the change from dry to wet. This is the first time since the 1930's you'll be able to legally buy alcohol in Russell County.

The vote was close. According to the county clerk's office, 3,849 residents voted yes and 3,432 voted no. The assistant county clerk says some people were happy and others were shocked.

"We are blessed to be in a country where you can vote, and vote how you want to vote and it be a secret. Whatever you vote, you know we're going to love anybody anyway, how ever they vote because that's the way we are," Ruth Hill said.

County officials say the main drive for Russell County to become a wet county is tourism.

"This is what this town was grasp on, tourism and others that come into the region to enjoy what we know as Lake Cumberland," Mayor of Jamestown, Nick Shearer said.

Other county residents are skeptical of the changes it will bring to the area.

"Because I just don't believe in alcohol and drugs. Seems like its ruining our young people, older people too. We might be going down the wrong road here, but God's got a plan," Wayne Halsell said.

Per Kentucky State Law, the county fiscal court has 60 days to put the process in place for the sale of alcoholic beverages in Russell County.

"It's a historical time in the history of Jamestown and Russell County. I believe that we will get revenue from this movement, what that is, we don't know yet," Shearer added.

During that time the county will decide which establishments can sell alcohol and they will appoint an Alcoholic Beverage Control officer.

Even though there was only a 417 vote difference in the balloting, the Russell County assistant clerk says they have not received any requests for a recount.