SCAM ALERT: Locals report a scam involving the IRS and tax information

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Bowling Green Police Department says scams happen all year round. Now that spring is just around the corner, they say one scam is targeting tax payers, just adding to the stress of filing taxes.

"It's a phone call that say you owe a bunch of taxes, and if you don't pay it, you'll get arrested," BGPD Public Information Officer Ronnie Ward says.

The phone call can even be distorted to seem as if it's coming straight from the local police.

"It's a computer program," Ward explains. "They spoof numbers, which means they're making your called ID come up with a local number."

Police say there's no getting around it. Typically scammers go off of a random call list. Ward told 13 News scams usually target older people, but this IRS scam is targeting everyone.

The IRS scam? It can target anyone. There are even scams that target those with student loans, which are likely college students."

Scammers are using buzz words such as "warrant" and "arrest". But the BGPD say to not be scared or tricked by those words.

"The problem with that is if we do have a warrant for you, we are going to come find you," Ward said.

The power of avoiding a scam is to go straight to the source.

"Find the real IRS number, and just ask them. Most of the time, you know you owe taxes and the government will let you know."

And, never be hesitant to just hang up the phone.

"Don't ever be afraid to hang the phone up; don't ever be afraid to say no," Ward said.

You are encouraged to call police if you ever find yourself victim to a scam. You can call The Bowling Green Police Department at

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