SHOP LOCAL: Grocery stores stock shelves with Kentucky Proud products 'more than ever'

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(WBKO) -- Kroger and Houchens, among other stores have been helping stock more Kentucky Proud products on their shelves during the coronavirus pandemic. Farmers Markets are also stocked with these products and remain open, as they are considered essential businesses.

"One thing you can count on is if you see a Kentucky proud sticker, you're helping support a Kentucky Proud farmer or ag business and there's more products than ever are being sold in our grocery stores," said Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles.

He added that the food system is very strong right now, and that there is no food shortage in Kentucky. He added that when you see meat/produce 'sold-out' or shelves empty, that just means the store sold what they had in stock that day.

"One thing that we've seen is that there's an uptick in locally sourced by local Kentucky Proud foods being purchased," said Quarles.

While demand for produce and meat are up, commodity markets are trending downwards, creating instability in the livestock markets.

"If there's ever an industry that's considered critical infrastructure like our medical facilities, it is our farm economy," said Quarles. "At the end of the day, all of us have to eat, so it's important to support a local farmer, and one way you can do that is help buy Kentucky Proud and visit a farmers market this weekend."

To find a list of local restaurants that are Kentucky Proud, visit and help support those businesses as well.

For a list of Kentucky Proud farmers markets click here.

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