SPECIAL REPORT: Breastfeeding Support

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - When you're a new mom life can feel overwhelming. You have a tiny person you're taking care of and so many questions are flooding your mind: "What's normal? What's abnormal? Is my baby getting enough and questioning if they're going things right."

In addition to lactation counseling at the Medical Center, the Mom to Mom Breastfeeding Support Group is helping to answer some of those questions.

"Professionals, we can only do so much we offer professional advice and make sure everything's going great, but moms really need that peer support, it's really a community effort; it does not go into the hospital get help while you're here, then go home and never get that support again," said Rachel Garrison, a Lactation Consultant with Med Center Health

"I feel with my first I didn't have all the information and support that I needed and I didn't breastfeed as long as I wanted to so when I had him I knew I needed a support system," said Aryn Lee, a mom attending the support group.

"Sometimes it's just a way for them to get out of the house and be around other breastfeeding moms and other times it's because they're really struggling and just need someone to encourage them," explains Garrison.

Moms can weigh their babies before breastfeeding, then at the end of the group reweigh them to check how much they're getting.

"Before I feed him I'll put him on the scale and then I'll feed him and put him back on and over time I've done it I know he's getting enough," said Lee.

"They start to come back week after week and you can tell their confidence has increased and they feel more comfortable," said Emily Kaiser with the Mom to Mom Breastfeeding Support Group.

"Every time we'd have a problem, somebody would have an answer, somebody would have an experience they've been through," said Mackenzie Humphress, a mom attending the support group.

"I'm honored to get to be a small part of their journey and to connect other moms going through the same phase of life together," explains Kaiser.

The Medical Center offers in-patient and out-patient lactation care as well as telephone counseling. You can reach them at 270-796-2108.

The Mom to Mom Support Group is run by volunteers and meets every Wednesday from 10 to 11:30 at The Medical Center.

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