SPECIAL REPORT: Playing for Mason: The Mason Goodnight Foundation

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- In April 2017, 10-year-old Mason Goodnight lost his life unexpectedly. Since that tragic day, Mason's family has been able to keep his name alive.

The Mason Goodnight Foundation aims to help the youth of Bowling Green and surrounding areas.

Whether it's the addition of a Teen Center at the Boys and Girls Club in Franklin, or sending some of his best friends to class trips to Washington D.C., Mason Goodnight's legacy lives on.

"Sometimes you go between being sad that he's not here to see all of this happen, and then you realize it's happening because of him, and I'm so honored that he we are able to do this in his name," says Mason's mother, Janna.

Janna Goodnight says Mason's friends meant a lot to him.

"I was Mason's best friend for forever," says Jacob Lang. "It's crazy how much every day I think of him, and I miss him. "

"He had a lot of friends but I did not realize the impact that he had made on his friends,"adds Janna. "I don't think his friends knew the impact he had made on them until he was gone."

As director of The Boys and Girls Club in Franklin, Jef Goodnight has an even more special connection to the contruction of the teen center there, knowing it will bear his son's name.

"As a director that makes me happy," he says. "As a dad that makes me extremely happy, and now Mason's name will be there forever. He sees the teen center and he sees the kids that are going to Washington D.C. and he'll be with them. He genuinely cared for other people. When he's helping somebody, he would have a smile from ear to ear."

The Mason Foundation has even bigger plans heading their way.

Spearheaded by former Greenwood High School golf standout, Canon Claycomb, the Mason Cup would bring dozens of other top golfers to the area.

The Mason Cup, part of the American Junior Golf Association's State Cup Series, will be a two-day Ryder Cup-style tournament held at The Club at Olde Stone featuring 28 participants from around the country. Participants will be divided into two teams in a head-to-head competition with each junior responsible for raising at least $1,000.

Claycomb, a nationally ranked member of the AJGA, is proud to use his soapbox to help keep Mason's Legacy alive.

"I think it's going to be one of the most special events ever put on by the AJGA," says Claycomb, "and to have my name on it and to be representing Mason and his family is going to be something that, you know, I honestly can't even describe the feeling that I have."

The Goodnight family is thankful for Canon's effort.

"We really have no words for Canon but we love him and we're so proud of him," And, he needs to know that we are his biggest fans here but he has an even bigger one upstairs making sure that the ball is always going to bounce his way."

Those who knew him best, say Mason would be all-in on this annual event.

"He just wanted to have fun," says Jacob. "He loved to do Happy Gilmore at practice."

"I promise you like Jacob said, he would do the Happy Gilmore on the first tee just so he could get everybody laughing and get them going," adds Jef Goodnight.

The event is scheduled to take place August 24-26.

Click here. to donate to the event.

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