Schools respond to feedback after safety forums

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WBKO -- After safety forums earlier this week, leaders in Warren County and Simpson County Schools Districts are working on collecting feedback and creating a plan on how to move forward.

Warren County Public Schools Superintendent Rob Clayton says he knows students and parents are concerned, and he wants to ensure them of the safety measures already in place. He also wants to gather information from the forum to let community members provide input on what they want to see moving forward.

"Our next step right now is to gather experts together to create a task force where they can review the available information, and help guide us on what best practices need to be considered, if any moving forward," says Clayton.

He adds that he still wants to get more input from the school community, and says a survey will be sent out to gather more feedback.

At the forum Monday night, Clayton says community members and school officials brought up various ways to address safety concerns.

"I think first and foremost there's a national movement to consider implementation of metal detectors in our schools, and I think secondly is probably the increase of security in terms of school resource officers in our schools," he adds.

He says the school board is continuously evaluating safety practices and if additional measures need to be taken.

The board is fully considering suggestions from the forum.

He says turnout for the forum was great, and he was glad to get to hear from the community, as well as make them aware of the measures already in place in Warren County Public Schools.

On Tuesday night, a similar forum was held in Simpson County. School Superintendent Dr. Jim Flynn says around 170 people attended, including law enforcement, school officials, mental health agency representatives and community members.

Dr. Flynn says, like in Warren County, Simpson County is also developing a task force for school safety. He says it will be comprised of administrators, students, parents and others.

He adds that the forum was a very successful way to share with community members what Simpson County is doing now, and to discuss what possibilities there may be for the future.

"School safety is a responsibility we all share," adds Dr. Flynn.

He says topics of discussion included security guards, metal detectors, anti-bullying programs and backpack concerns, among other things.

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