Scottsville remembers Gabriella Doolin while police search for her killer

Published: Nov. 16, 2015 at 7:14 PM CST
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"Us in law enforcement, we're always thinking what if? Well "what if?" happened Saturday," said Allen County Sheriff Jeff Cooke.

The murder of seven year old Gabby Doolin changed the face of Scottsville in an instant Saturday night. Monday the creek where her body was found still shows signs of the crime.

"Any lead that they've got, they're following up on," said Kentucky State Police Trooper BJ Eaton.

Two days after Gabby Doolin's body was found in a thick wooded area, police tape still marks the scene just behind Allen County-Scottsville High School. KSP is doing whatever they can to answer as many questions as they can in this case, but one thing they did confirm Monday morning, is this is a homicide.

"The preliminary autopsy report from the [State] Medical Examiner's did confirm that it was a homicide. Details of that autopsy as far as the manner and the cause, and things that may have been discovered in that autopsy can't be released at this time," said Post 3 Public Affairs Officer Eaton.

Just feet away from where Gabby's body was found, a memorial has been set up.

"After I learned there was a murder it didn't set in too well with me."

Rickey Goodnight has a granddaughter where he lives in Franklin. The thought of something happening to someone so young inspired him to pay respects to Gabby today.

"I just begin to wonder what kind of people are we dealing with now?"

School was out in Allen County Monday as it was scheduled to be at the beginning of the year for teacher professional development, but the halls will be filled with students again first thing tomorrow.

"Allen County will be in session tomorrow, Tuesday. We have procedures in place with our crisis response training. Our teachers and our administrators have been well trained. Tomorrow will be a very safe environment," commented Superintendent Randall Jackson.

On the Scottsville square Jena Hartson pays respects to her classmates her son's classmate with Gabby Doolin's favorite color.

"We're just putting up ribbons for Gabby. Her favorite color was pink. Her teacher Ms. Rector told us that. We're just trying to put up ribbons for awareness and hopefully they'll find who did this. You don't want to go outside, or go anywhere. You just want to keep your kids close to you."

A thought that won't change until an arrest is made.

No arrests have been made at this time, but police are working several leads. That being said, if you have information in this case please call police at (270) 782-2010.

"Us in law enforcement, we're always thinking what if? Well "what if?" happened Saturday."