Sen. Paul believes a compromise needs to be made in border wall discussion

Published: Feb. 4, 2019 at 6:21 PM CST
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The widely discussed border wall will cost billions and President Trump is determined to make it happen.

"You need a physical barrier. You need a wall," said President Trump.

In an interview Sunday night, he said another shutdown isn't the only thing that would happen if an agreement isn't reached.

"It's a national emergency. It's other things," he added.

A national emergency would unlock military resources for wall construction.

Senator Rand Paul spoke on the issue Monday.

"I think there's a compromise to be had," Sen. Paul said. "I think whether you're a Democrat or a Republican, most people don't want open borders. We want some kind of controlled access."

The Kentucky senator says both parties need to work together on this.

"I think the democrats should compromise and say 'we're not giving you all the money you're asking for but we'll give you some of the money' - that's sort of a compromise."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Congress will not fund any portion of the wall.

"We've heard Nancy Peolsi say, 'oh the wall is immoral.' Well, most of these democrats have voted for this wall before, so it didn't used to be immoral," Sen. Paul said.

Senator Paul also added that the wall is not about decreasing immigration, but rather controlling access.

"I think most immigrants who come here are good people they work hard," he said.

Sen. Paul said he expects this topic to be discussed in President Trump's State of the Union Address on Tuesday.

"We might even be able to have more work permits and more legal immigration, I'm not against that," Sen. Paul said.

Lawmakers have until February 15 to reach an agreement.

Senator Paul also talked about the removal of troops from Afghanistan. The Kentucky senator stated that over fifty billion dollars per year is spent building roads, bridges, and hotels in Afghanistan.

Senator Paul stated,"The President is talking about bringing that money home, which I completely agree with."